Properly Fitting Glasses

Properly Fitting Glasses

The Importance and Technique of Properly Fitting Glasses

Properly fitting eyeglasses are important to your comfort and safety. Your eye-care professional will know how to fit eyeglasses, but it’s helpful to know what to look for. After all, knowledge is power! Here, we’ll share insider information about how to tell whether or not your glasses fit correctly.

Why Is It Important to Fit Eyeglasses Properly?

A stylish pair of eyeglasses can be your best fashion accessory. But it’s just as important for your glasses to fit correctly. Here’s why:

  • Poorly fitting glasses don’t look good, and can detract from your polished appearance.
  • If your glasses don’t fit well, they can press uncomfortably against your ears, slide down your nose, fall off or pinch the bridge of your nose.
  • When your glasses feel uncomfortable, you may not wear them as often as you should. And if you’re not wearing your glasses as prescribed, you’re putting your vision – and possibly your safety – at risk.
  • If your glasses don’t fit as they should, they may not be correcting your vision properly.

How to Tell if Eyeglasses Fit Well

When fitting eyeglasses, you need to check four areas: the frame; the temples, or arms; the bridge, or nosepiece; and your pupil position. Here’s how to tell if your glasses fit properly:

  1. Frame: A well-fitting eyeglass frame will be slightly wider than your face. It should be wide enough so that the temples do not touch your head, but not so wide that there is a large gap between the temple and your face. You should be able to fit a finger between the temple and your face; more than that indicates a frame that’s too big.

The frame should also be level. Check to see how the top of the frame lines up with your eyes or eyebrows. Is it going straight across, or at an angle?

  1. Temples, or arms: If the frame is too small, the temples will actually touch your face, and angle outward as they extend to your ears. You want the temples to extend straight back and to touch your head just before the ear. The temples also need to be long enough to curve when they reach the ear, and not before. If it curves too early, it can push the frame up, forcing it down on your nose.
  2. Bridge, or nosepiece: The bridge, or nosepiece, joins the two lenses and fits across your nose. It should fit snugly against the bridge of your nose. Some frames have adjustable nose pads. Gaps or shadows around the pads indicate improper fit. Plastic frames generally don’t have nose pads. These frames should fit well on the nose, without gaps. Make sure the bridge is not too narrow or wide for your nose. Whether or not your eyeglasses have nose pads, you want to avoid pinching, which can be uncomfortable.
  3. Pupil position: The distance between the pupils is an important measurement. Your optician will measure this distance, so the lab making your lenses can place the correction in the proper area. Your pupils should be close to the center of your lenses.

Glasses that fit properly will not rest on your cheeks or touch your brows. In addition, they will stay in position, no matter where you happen to be looking, or what facial expression you’re making.

At The Eye Shop, We Know How to Fit Eyeglasses

When your glasses don’t fit well, they don’t look good – and they can be very uncomfortable. The good news is that you can have comfortable, properly fitting eyeglasses and style if you see the right eye care professionals. At the Eye Shop of Downtown Clearwater, we understand fashion and will work with you to find the best eyeglass frame to suit your face and personality. Then, we’ll make sure your glasses fit properly, from the size of the frame, to the length of the temples and fit of the nosepiece. The result? You’ll look great and have optimum vision, too.

Fitting eyeglasses is a job for your eye care professional. At the Eye Shop, our skilled, highly trained team is led by a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, so you can be sure of receiving top quality care with the latest technological equipment. We are dedicated to your vision health and delivering outstanding service.

When you’re seeking an optometrist in Clearwater, Florida, you can be confident that the Eye Shop can handle all of your eye care needs in a professional and friendly setting. We’re conveniently located in a downtown neighborhood, and our optical boutique features carefully selected designer frames for every budget.

See for yourself the difference a fashion-forward, high-quality optical boutique can make in your vision and style. Call the Eye Shop today at 727-807-1174 to schedule an eye exam. Or stop by and let us check the fit of your eyeglasses. The Eye Shop of Downtown Clearwater is located at 432 Cleveland Street. For more information, visit